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FM200 fire Extinguishing System-pipe Network Type

June 28, 2019

china latest news about FM200 fire Extinguishing System-pipe Network Type

  The principle of this system is that detectors will monitor the situation inside that space and keep contact with the control panel. It will send the signal to the panel if fire. The panel will trigger the solenoid actuator to open FM200 storage cylinder after time-delay. Later, FM200(hfc-227ea) gas will be discharged and permeate the whole protection zone in a very short time less than 10 seconds.

   This type is composed of:

   FM200 fire extinguishing device: FM200 storage cylinders and cylinder valve c/w pressure gauge and solenoid/manual/pneumatic actuator as main parts, and other mounting parts(clamp or cylinder frame and support) and manifold and high pressure hose and check valve and selector valve (conducting the flow of fire extinguishing agent or changing the flow direction) and nozzles(discharging fire extinguishing agent into different direction and making it rapidly diffuse the protection zone)

    Pipeline: pipes and pipe fittings(conducting the flow of fire extinguishing agent)

    Fire detection system(control panel and detectors and alarm and indication unit and so on)

    Those three parts will comprise one complete system which can cover the whole space of one protection zone or multiple enclosures in one room(ceiling, raised floor and main space) or different rooms. There is a high flexibility to the application of this system. You can adjust the storage cylinders to satisfy the rooms with different size. Meanwhile, there is a better usage for multiple rooms but in one systems because of the deployment of pipeline. Moreover, the system can make the discharge on average after reasonable and professional system design. Obviously, the previous design and later installation would be relatively complicated for this model.

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