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FM200 fire suppression products(differing from system)

August 6, 2019

china latest news about FM200 fire suppression products(differing from system)

This type includes three kinds of models. One is FM200 ceiling-mounted fire extinguisher. Another one is fire trace extinguisher. Then it is automatic fire suppression tube. The working principle of them is almost same. the first one is depending on the thermal little glass to detect the temperature. Second one and third one is relying on the tube to detect the temperature. When temperature reaches to the bursting point, then the little glass will break and release the fire extinguishing agent inside. For latter ones, when temperature rise to rupture point, the tube will break and discharge the gas where it melts.

This type is complete products of them. You can just install all of them at the necessary places. Then they can play their roles and make effects. You just need to fix ceiling mounted one on the top or ceiling of the room. You can mount the fire trace extinguisher beside the electric cabinets or racks or distribution cabinets or electric panels and similar enclosures. Then wrap the fire detecting tube around the device inside these enclosures. For automatic fire suppression tube, you can just fix it below the engine hood of cars or inside of electric cabinets or panels.

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