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FM200 Fire Extinguishing System-Cabinet Model and Hanging Model

July 2, 2019

china latest news about FM200 Fire Extinguishing System-Cabinet Model and Hanging Model

This type included two models. One is called cabinet FM200 fire extinguishing system. Another one is named as suspension FM200 fire extinguishing system. The principle of fire suppression and performance can refer to pipe network model. All of them are totally same. But the discharge time would be less than 8 seconds after activation for this model.

This type consists of:

FM200 fire extinguishing device: FM200 storage cylinders and cylinder valve c/w pressure gauge and solenoid actuator assembled with high pressure hose and nozzle and pressure switch in one device as a entire fire extinguishing device.

Fire detection system(control panel and detectors and alarm and indication unit and so on)

Those two parts will compose one automatic system to protect the single zone. Here it should be one space or room or enclosure. Of course, there can be put with more than one device in one room if one device is not enough to cover there. Relatively, this model will protect little rooms or relatively bigger rooms regarding different size of the model. Meanwhile, on condition that the situation in the room, you can choose to mount the device on wall or ceiling if you choose hanging type. You can also choose to put one in the corner or beside the wall inside of room if you choose cabinet type. There is no need to make the deployment of pipeline because of small space. The released gas can permeate the space very quickly and protect the whole room.

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