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Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd.

70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: xingjin
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 300 sets
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood case
Delivery Time: 10-15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card
Supply Ability: 3000 sets per month
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Detail Information

Capacity: 70L Outside Diameter(mm): 267
Height(mm): 139 Net Weight(kg): 139
Color: Red Material: Steel
High Light:

automatic co2 fire extinguisher


fire fighting extinguishers

Product Description

Firefighting Gas 70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network





The 70L FM200 cylinder is a type of firefighting gas cylinder specifically designed to store and release FM200 gas, which is a clean, colorless, and environmentally friendly fire suppression agent. Here's a description of the 70L FM200 cylinder:

  1. Size and Capacity: The 70L FM200 cylinder has a capacity of 70 liters, referring to the volume of space it can hold. It is a medium-sized cylinder suitable for various applications, including protecting medium-sized rooms or equipment.

  2. Construction: The cylinder is typically made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy to withstand high pressures. It is designed and manufactured according to strict industry standards and regulations to ensure its safety and reliability.

  3. Valve System: The cylinder is equipped with a specialized valve system that allows controlled release of the FM200 gas when activated. The valve is designed to provide efficient and reliable operation, ensuring the gas is discharged effectively to suppress fires.

  4. Pressure Gauge: The cylinder usually features a pressure gauge mounted on the valve assembly. The pressure gauge provides a visual indication of the gas pressure inside the cylinder, allowing for easy monitoring and maintenance.

  5. Safety Features: The 70L FM200 cylinder incorporates various safety features to ensure its safe operation. These features may include burst disks or pressure relief devices that activate in case of excessive pressure buildup, as well as tamper-proof seals to ensure the integrity of the cylinder.

  6. Installation: The cylinder is typically installed as part of a fixed fire suppression system. It is connected to a network of fire detection tubing or piping that distributes the FM200 gas to the protected area when a fire is detected. The cylinder is often mounted in a designated storage area or cabinet, following the manufacturer's guidelines and local regulations.

  7. Maintenance and Refilling: Regular maintenance and inspection of the 70L FM200 cylinder are essential to ensure its readiness and functionality. The cylinder may require periodic refilling or pressure testing, carried out by qualified professionals, to maintain its effectiveness in fire suppression scenarios.

It's important to note that the specifics of the 70L FM200 cylinder may vary depending on the manufacturer and regional regulations. It is recommended to consult the manufacturer's documentation and local authorities for precise information regarding the cylinder's technical specifications, installation requirements, and maintenance procedures.

70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 0

The 70L FM200 cylinder, as a component of a fire suppression system, has various applications in different settings where fire protection is necessary. Here are some common applications of the 70L FM200 cylinder:

  1. Data Centers and Server Rooms: Data centers and server rooms house critical IT infrastructure that needs to be protected from fire. The 70L FM200 cylinder can be used in these environments to provide rapid and effective fire suppression without damaging sensitive equipment or causing disruptions to operations.

  2. Telecommunication Facilities: Telecommunication facilities, including telecommunication rooms and equipment cabinets, require fire protection to ensure uninterrupted communication services. The 70L FM200 cylinder can be integrated into the fire suppression system to safeguard communication equipment and prevent fire-related downtime.

  3. Control Rooms and Electrical Cabinets: Control rooms and electrical cabinets in industrial facilities often contain valuable control panels, switchgear, and other electrical components. The 70L FM200 cylinder can be employed to suppress fires in these areas, minimizing the risk of damage to critical systems and ensuring operational continuity.

  4. Museums, Archives, and Libraries: Cultural institutions that house valuable artifacts, historical documents, and rare books need reliable fire protection. The 70L FM200 cylinder can be utilized to provide fire suppression in storage areas, exhibition spaces, or archival rooms, protecting these valuable assets from fire-related risks.

  5. Industrial Manufacturing Plants: Manufacturing plants and industrial facilities often have high-risk areas where fire can cause severe damage. The 70L FM200 cylinder can be strategically positioned to suppress fires in machinery rooms, production lines, or storage areas, minimizing production downtime and reducing potential losses.

  6. Marine and Offshore Applications: The 70L FM200 cylinder is suitable for marine and offshore environments, including ships, offshore oil platforms, and marine vessels. It can be utilized in engine rooms, control rooms, or other critical areas to detect and suppress fires, providing essential fire protection in challenging and potentially hazardous conditions.

It's important to note that the specific application and installation of the 70L FM200 cylinder may vary based on the requirements of each environment and local regulations. Professional consultation and adherence to industry standards are crucial to ensure the effective deployment of the cylinder in fire suppression systems.

70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 1




















70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 2




















70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 3


















We always pack it with polyfoam firstly and then put it into a wooden case. Sometimes, in order to meet with customers or the safety requirement, we will make a pallet for the goods.

70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 4

Company Introduction:

Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., a company that plays a significant role in communication between China and the rest of the globe, is situated in this city and is surrounded by excellent transportation and a lovely environment. We are a manufacturer, and we focus on the research and development of HFC-227ea (FM200) products with the help of our experienced and qualified staff, which includes the program design team, the skilled installation team, the quality detecting team, and the after-sale service team. These days, many of our well-known FM200 products are in use, including the automated FM200 fire extinguisher (ceiling mounted style), the cabinet type FM200 fire suppression system, the pipe network FM200 fire suppression system, the fire detecting tube suppression system, and the automatic fire suppression tube.


70L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 570L FM200 Cylinder for 5.6Mpa Pipe Network, High-Strength Steel/Aluminum Alloy 6


After-Sale Service

• We have an efficient sales and after sales team to promise slove all client's question in time.
• We provide 8×6 hrs technical support and service.



Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturing?

A1: Our company is a producer.


Q2: Do OEM items exist?

A2: Your own artwork and design are appreciated.


Q3: Where is your factory located? Can I go there?

A3: Shilou, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China is where our factory is located.

Yes, of course. We always look forward to seeing you.


Q4: How can I get to your plant, question 4?
A4: You can take a taxi or take the subway to get here because of how easily it can be reached. If arriving by subway, you must take the line 4 and alight at the Shiqi station. Take the No. 126 bus out of the station after that, and get off at Yuexi station.




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