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Company News About Application of Hang the FM200 fire extinguishing device

Application of Hang the FM200 fire extinguishing device

Latest company news about Application of Hang the FM200 fire extinguishing device

Hang the FM200 fire extinguishing device

1. Product overview

      The suspended FM200 automatic fire extinguishing device is a kind of gas fire extinguishing device without pipe network (also known as prefabricated fire extinguishing system), which is a fire extinguishing system with linkage control function and pre-designed and assembled complete sets of fire extinguishing agent storage device and spray assembly according to certain application conditions. The suspended SEvofluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing device is divided into two kinds: electromagnetic suspension and fixed temperature suspension.

     The fixed temperature type hanging fire extinguishing device is composed of a fire extinguishing agent storage tank, a glass bubble nozzle and a pressure display component, which can be suspended or fixed on the wall, and has the characteristics of no occupation, no electrical connection and easy installation. A type of fire extinguishing device that can automatically spray extinguishing agent in case of fire. The valve design of the hanging gas fire extinguishing device has the advantages of large diameter, short discharge time and rapid fire extinguishing. Because there is no pipe network, the construction and installation is simple and the project investment is reduced. The same fire extinguishing device is installed above the protection area or on the surrounding walls, and does not occupy the ground space of the protection area.

2. Main performance and parameters

      First, the fire extinguishing agent storage device and spray components and other parts are pre-designed and assembled in complete sets, which is conducive to the mass production of finished products and semi-finished products, shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost.

      Second, there is no need to set up a special gas cylinder room, the design, installation, use and maintenance is simple, suitable for places that are not suitable for installing pipeline systems, single protection areas, and places where multiple protection areas are far apart. In addition, when the project is renovated, the device is flexible, can benefit from old use, reduce the overall difficulty of construction, and save installation costs.

       Third, the gas fire extinguishing device spray time is short, the fire extinguishing speed is fast, and the loss of the residual amount of the fire extinguishing agent in the pipeline is not generated.

From the three characteristics of the above hanging fire extinguishing device, it is currently a semi-fixed fire extinguishing device in terms of improving fire extinguishing efficiency, saving costs, and installation and construction, which can be regarded as a more scientific fire extinguishing equipment in mobile fire extinguishing places.

3. How it works

       When the temperature of the protected area rises to the temperature set by the thermomercuric meter, the mercury meter is damaged by thermal expansion and the valve is opened, and the extinguishing agent is sprayed from the nozzle.

4. Application scope

       It can be used in power distribution room, transformer room, instrument equipment room, small oil depot, computer room, software library, communication room, archives and cultural relics reference room and other small protection areas.


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