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Choice of extinguishing device

December 23, 2016

Latest company news about Choice of extinguishing device


    Normally, we have three types of extinguishing device:

    Pipe network type and cabinet type and hanging type.

Since design of pipe network type depends on drawing, so when we choose this type of extinguishing device. We need to consider two factors.

    One is price. According to our suggestion, if your protection zone(not separated) is less than 3 zones, our suggestion is cabinet type.

    Another one is installation. It is obvious that installation of pipe network type will be more difficult than other types.

    About cabinet type and hanging type, they are basically same. There are also two factors which you should take into consideration.

    One is that requirement of extinguishing gas. Since the biggest hanging tank is just 30liter. It means it can be filled with around 30kg at most. So if your requirement is more than 30kg, you should consider about cabinet.

    Another factor is that inner space. If your inner space is not enough to place cabinet extinguishing device, you can consider hanging type. Because it can be hanged on the wall or top of room.


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