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Company News About FM200 cabinet gas fire extinguishing device construction scheme

FM200 cabinet gas fire extinguishing device construction scheme

Latest company news about FM200 cabinet gas fire extinguishing device construction scheme

Archives room FM200 gas fire extinguishing device construction scheme

1. System introduction

     FM200 cabinet gas extinguishing device does not need to set up a special bottle storage room, the entire cabinet is set in the protection area, suitable for computer room, archives, valuables storage, communication room and other small space protection area, several cabinet devices can also be used together to protect the larger protection area. When a dedicated bottle storage room cannot be set up in the building, or although there is a storage room, the transmission distance is too far to meet the engineering design requirements, or it is inconvenient to install the system pipe network in the protection area.

     FM200 gas fire extinguishing device has short injection time and fast fire extinguishing speed. The device can be equipped with single zone gas control panel for cabinet fire extinguishing system produced by our company. The starting mode is automatic control, manual electrical control and mechanical emergency manual control. Automatic control and manual electrical control can be switched. Under normal circumstances, manual control should be used, and it can be converted to automatic control in the case of no one in the protected area. When automatic control and manual electrical control cannot be performed, mechanical emergency manual control should be used.

2. System installation

     The installation site of the cabinet fire extinguishing system shall meet the following requirements:
(1) The ambient temperature is 0' ° C ~50 ° C, and it is dry and well-ventilated:
(2) The air shall not contain explosive, conductive dust and harmful substances that corrode parts, otherwise it must be protected, and the device shall not be shaken and impacted;
(3) The whole cabinet must be able to install smoothly, and tilt is not allowed; (4) The protection area should be kept closed when extinguishing the fire, and the opening other than the pressure relief port, as well as the fire valve in the fan and ventilation pipe used in the protection area should be closed before spraying seven gas propane;

(5) When an external elastic door close or spring door is provided, if the opening area is not less than the calculated area of the pressure relief port, no additional pressure relief port is required.

(6) The location of the installation in the protection zone should be selected to avoid being close to the heat source and direct sunlight, and be installed close to the wall. When the system is installed, it should be carried out in the following order: Place the cabinet in the position of the protection area, place the fire extinguishing agent bottle group in the cabinet, the position is back and centered, and do not produce too much impact when placed, and do not make the group dump. Connect the outlet of the container valve of the pipe assembly and the bottle group with the connecting nut. Note that to connect the outlet of the container valve, screw the connecting nut to the pipe (here it is a left-hand thread). Screw in the sealing arc surface of the connecting pipe to the bottom of the thread of the right end of the connecting nut to the basic heavy platform.

3. System debugging

    System debugging: After the system is installed, the system can be debugged.
Note: The solenoid valve of the gas cylinder will start when it is connected to the 24V power supply, resulting in gas spraying. Therefore, do not install the solenoid valve on the cylinder during debugging, and connect it after the system is fully debugging, fire detection and acceptance.
The control panel keeps the audible and visual alarm signal during the delay period, after the delay start and after the pressure switch action signal is detected, until it is reset, so as to remind the field personnel after the system is connected normally (except the solenoid valve), and carry out a comprehensive system debugging.


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