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Company News About FM200 fire extinguishing system introduce

FM200 fire extinguishing system introduce

Latest company news about FM200 fire extinguishing system introduce

FM200 gas fire extinguishing system

1. Product overview

       FM200 gas fire extinguishing system is composed of bottle group, fire extinguishing agent bottle group, container valve, metal hose, check valve (fire extinguishing agent pipeline), collector pipe, safety release device, selection valve, signal feedback device, fire extinguishing agent conveying pipeline, nozzle, drive gas bottle group, electromagnetic driving device, drive gas pipeline, check valve (drive gas pipeline), etc. According to the requirements of different application sites, it can be composed of unit independent system and combined distribution system, and adopt the full flood fire extinguishing method to achieve fire extinguishing protection for single and multi-protection areas, with advanced technology, high fire extinguishing efficiency and easy maintenance. Sevofluoropropane fire extinguishing equipment is divided into 4.2MPa and 5.6MPa, with automatic, manual and mechanical emergency operation three starting modes.

2. Main performance and parameters

       First, the cylinder with pipe network system is independently set in the cylinder of the protection zone, and the pipeline can extend to the inside of the protection zone, and the gas is transported to the sprinkler through the pipe network, and the sprinkler is distributed according to the demand and specifications, and the spraying is average, and the fire extinguishing effect is good.

Second, for protected areas with multiple partitions or multiple rooms, a pipe network system can protect multiple protected areas with the same set of systems. By selecting the valve control, the fire extinguishing of the agent can be carried out according to the fire area, avoiding the one-time spraying of the agent.

Third, the gas fire extinguishing device spray time is short, the fire extinguishing speed is fast, and the loss of the residual amount of the fire extinguishing agent in the pipeline is not generated.

From the three characteristics of the above pipe network fire extinguishing device, it is currently a semi-fixed fire extinguishing device in terms of improving fire extinguishing efficiency, saving costs, and installation and construction, and can be regarded as a more scientific fire extinguishing equipment in the mobile transformation of fire extinguishing places.

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3. How it works

(1) Unit independent system refers to a set of fire extinguishing agent storage device to protect a fire extinguishing system in a protected area, which is used in places with special requirements and independent protected areas.

(2) Combined distribution system refers to the use of a set of fire extinguishing agent storage device through the pipe network selection distribution, to protect two or more protection areas. The distribution control is identical to the unit independent system except for the combination of a starting gas check valve and a selection valve.

4. System application scope

      FM200 gas fire extinguishing system in the world has been widely used in power plants, communications, radio and television, petrochemical, railway and other systems, often used in books, archives, bills and cultural relics database protection area, oil-immersed transformer room, with oil switch distribution room and self-contained generator room protection area, communication room and computer room protection area.

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