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Ceiling Mounted Type FM200 Extinguishing Equipment

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: xingjin


Model Number: XQQW8/1.6, XQQW10/1.6, XQQW16/1.6, XQQW20/1.6, XQQW30/1.6

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 set system

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: Plywood outer box with bubble bag or paper

Delivery Time: 15-20 working days after payment or receipt of L/C

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Supply Ability: 30000 set system

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Product Details
High Light:

fm200 extinguishing equipment


CMA fire extinguisher equipment


ILAC-MRA fire fighting extinguisher

Capacity Of Agent:
8kg, 10kg, 16kg, 20kg, 30kg
Zone Management:
Pattern Of Extinguishing:
Enclosed Flooding
Working Pressure:
Capacity Of Agent:
8kg, 10kg, 16kg, 20kg, 30kg
Zone Management:
Pattern Of Extinguishing:
Enclosed Flooding
Working Pressure:
Product Description

Ceiling Mounted Type FM200 Extinguishing Device





It's an environment protection, good electrical insulation and great efficiency in extinguishing fire, widely used in the fire protection of power distribution, archive rooms, transforming houses, computer rooms, etc. Our FM200 automatic ceiling mounted fire extinguishing device shows the characteristics advancing technologies, easy operation, good structure, and convenient maintenance, etc.


The FM200 fire suppression device of our company has the advantages of complete designed parameters, perfect functions, accurate and reliable operation, non-leakage in long-term storage, simple installation and commissioning, and convenient operation and maintenance. The system is mainly composed of auto alarm controller, reservoir, valve driving device, selector valve, non-return valve, pressure signaler, frame, spraying nozzle and ductwork. Unit independent system and combination allocation system may be composed according to the application requirement for fire protection of one area and several areas respectively. It is applicable to the fire protection of many important places such as computer room, telecommunication center, underground works,





No. Specifications Parameters
1 Tank size 8Ltr, 10Ltr, 16Ltr, 20Ltr, 30Ltr
2 Device model XQQW8/1.6, XQQW10/1.6, XQQW16/1.6, XQQW20/1.6, XQQW30/1.6
3 Storage pressure 1.6MPa
4 Maximum working pressure 2.5MPa
5 Discharge time ≤10s
6 Maximum filling Density 1 kg/L
7 Activating Temperature 68℃
8 Ambient working Temperature 0℃~50℃


Below data refers to regular temperature at 20 centigrade and atmospheric pressure at 1 bar. The max coverage would vary a little from the ambient temperature and pressure on the real condition.

Device model Filling amount (kg) Maximum working pressure(MPa) Storage pressure (MPa) Maximum coverage(m³) Starting mode
XQQW8/1.6 8 2.5 1.6 11.11 temperature sensor

Activating Temperature:
XQQW10/1.6 10 2.5 1.6 13.89
XQQW16/1.6 16 2.5 1.6 22.22
XQQW20/1.6 20 2.5 1.6 27.78
XQQW30/1.6 30 2.5 1.6 41.67




    Electronic computer room, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, expensive medical equipment, industrial equipment, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, etc.


    The place where the fire is easy to happen, like paint-spraying production line, aging-electrical equipment, rolling machine, printing machine, oil switch, oil immersed transformer, melt impregnating tank, tank, large generators, drying equipment, cement production process of pulverized coal, and the ship's engine room, cargo hold, etc.





    Normally, a complete fire suppression system contains three parts -- fire extinguishing device, pipe fitting and electrical elements. However, the suspense type fm200 fire suppression system does not need any pipe fitting, even the temperature-based suspension fm200 fire extinguisher type doesn’t require electrical elements.


    The components of this suspension type fm200 fire suppression are: round cylinder with fm200 fire agent, solenoid actuator ( electromagnetic type ), container valve, pressure switch, nozzle, temperature sensing glass ball ( temperature-based type ).

                                                Ceiling Mounted Type FM200 Extinguishing Equipment 0





1 / We suggest that there should be at least a yearly routine check for the whole system. Actually, some components need check weekly, some monthly and the whole system yearly. The frequency of checking better follows the manual instruction we provide.


2 / In our professional considerations, we suggest that one protected room better should not install more than one temperature-based fm200 fire extinguisher. When there is a fire, the temperature of some space near the fire point will go up and some far away point stay cool. Thus this temperature difference is unable to let the fire extinguisher start at the same time, which makes the fire agent cannot ran out within 8s and fails to protect the possession in the room.