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Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: xingjin
Model Number: XQQW8/1.6, XQQW10/1.6, XQQW16/1.6, XQQW20/1.6, XQQW30/1.6
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set system
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood case or paper carton
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment or receipt of L/C
Payment Terms: L/C, , D/P, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per month
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Detail Information

Cylinder Volume: 8L, 10L,16L, 20L, 30L Agent: Hfc-227ea
Working Pressure: 1.6MPa Zone Management: One Zone
Placement: Hanging On The Wall/ceiling Standard Of Examination: GB25972-2010
Pattern Of Extinguishing: Enclosed Flooding Actuation: Temperature 68℃
High Light:

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System


30L Hanging Fire Suppression System

Product Description

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution for Storage Room



Product Introduction:


• Assembling the container, mounting the nozzle, automated suspension valve, and other components of the HFC-227ea/FM200 fire extinguisher system independently to the wall or ceiling. A fire extinguisher will either start manually or automatically when a fire starts.

• The device's default starting modes are the solenoid sensor and temperature sensor.


• It is often used in smaller rooms and doesn't occupy any ground area.

• It has a brief spray duration and extinguishes with speed and accuracy.

• Installation and building demand little in the way of engineering expenditure.


• A set of fire extinguishers that uses HFC-227ea and FM200 (Heptafluoropropane) as an automatic fire suppressant. Automatic control and fire detection extinguishing equipment are combined in the modern intelligent automatic fire detection system.

• HFC-227ea/FM200 (Heptafluoropropane) is an electrically inert, non-combustible, colorless, and odorless gas. pollution by second-hand gas. There is no chance of ozone depletion.

• High electrical insulation, low toxicity, low flammability, and superior cleanliness.
• It currently makes an excellent replacement for halon-based extinguishing agents.

• Depending on the location's size, capacity, extinguishing substance, and starting point.


Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room 0





No Specifications Parameters
1 Tank size 8Ltr, 10Ltr, 16Ltr, 20Ltr, 30Ltr
2 Device model XQQW8/1.6, XQQW10/1.6, XQQW16/1.6, XQQW20/1.6, XQQW30/1.6
3 Storage pressure 1.6mpa
4 Maximum working pressure 2.5mpa
5 Discharge time ≤10s
6 Maximum filling rate 1kg/L
7 Device starting power DC24V/1.5A
8 Activating temperature 68℃
9 Environment temperature of protection zone 0℃~50℃


Below data refers to regular temperature at 20 centigrade and atmospheric pressure at 1 bar. The max coverage would vary a little from the ambient temperature and pressure on the real condition.


Device model Filling amount (kg) Maximum working pressure(Mpa) Storage pressure (Mpa) Maximum coverage
Starting mode
XQQW8/1.6 8 2.5 1.6 11.11

Temperature sensor


Activating Tem[erature:68℃

XQQW16/1.6 10 2.5 1.6 13.89
XQQW16/1.6 16 2.5 1.6 22.22
XQQW20/1.6 20 2.5 1.6 27.78
XQQW30/1.6 30 2.5 1.6 41.67





The following parts make up the system typically:

  1. This pressurized container contains the HFC227ea agent, which is stored there. The container is often composed of steel and built to resist the agent's pressure.
  2. Pipelines for distribution: The distribution pipe transports the agent from the storage container to the nozzles that release it into the safe region. Steel or other materials that resist corrosion are typically used to make the pipeline.
  3. Nozzles: The agent is released into the protected region using the nozzles. In order to ensure that the agent is spread uniformly over the protected region, the nozzles are carefully positioned.
  4. System of detection and control: This system is used to keep an eye out for fires in the protected area and to turn on the suppression system in case one breaks out. To identify a fire, the system may use heat detectors, smoke detectors, or other sorts of sensors.

  5. Alarm system: The alarm system informs those inside the enclosed space that a fire has been found and that the suppression system has been turned on. The alarm system may have both visual and auditory alarms, or neither.

  6. Manual release station: The manual release station is used to manually activate the suppression system in the event of a fire. The station may be located inside or outside the protected area, depending on the specific application.

  7. Discharge piping: To transport the agent from the nozzles to the protected region, discharge plumbing is employed. Steel or other materials that resist corrosion are typically used to make the pipeline.

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room 1


   A clean room, anechoic chamber, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage space, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, pricey medical equipment, industrial equipment, a library, a museum, and an art gallery, among other things.

   The areas that are more likely to catch fire include the ship's engine room, cargo hold, rolling and printing equipment, oil switches, oil-immersed transformers, melt impregnating tanks, and equipment used in the production of cement from pulverized coal.


Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room 2



Competitive Benefit:


The automatic FM200 fire extinguisher comes with two distinct types of systems, but both have the same benefits:​

  1. In-depth consideration of minimal protection. Some relatively small areas, like server rooms, electric rooms, or the like, only require a little amount of fire extinguishing agent. Thus, a hanging-type method may be employed.
  2. The space is sparsely occupied. There might not be much room for extra gear, equipment, or objects given how small the protection zone is. As a result, the ceiling-mounted type is designed with the simple but crucial function of fire suppression and full room coverage.
  3. Simple installation and transit. One person can hold it and install it to the top of a wall or ceiling due to its relative lightness and small size. However, the temperature-controlled variety cannot be set up in more than one component, either theoretically or practically.




We always pack it with polyfoam first and then put it into a wooden case. Sometimes, in order to meet with customers or the safety requirement, we will make a pallet for the goods.

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room 3


Company Introduction:


Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is situated in Guangzhou, which is vital to connection between China and the rest of the globe. It is surrounded by excellent transportation and a lovely environment. We are a manufacturer, and the program design team, the skilled installation team, the quality detection team, and the after-sale service team are among the knowledgeable and experienced employees who are committed to the research and development of HFC-227ea (FM200) products. Currently, it is normal practice to use the FM200 fire suppression system, the cabinet type FM200 fire suppression system, the automated FM200 fire extinguisher (ceiling mounted style), the fire detecting tube suppression system, and the automatic fire suppression tube. Due to the high-quality products and services we offer, as well as our reliable reputation, our company is well-liked by the customers in China.

Hfc227ea Hanging Fire Suppression System Without Pollution For Storage Room 4




1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?


We produce things.


2. How long will a typical quantity order take?


We typically take 15 working days to complete a typical order (40 images); for some large purchases, it is best to get in touch with our seller.


3. How do you want the payment to be made?


We accept all forms of payment, although we would appreciate it if you used something straightforward like T/T or Paypal.


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