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FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA

Product Details

Place of Origin: China

Brand Name: Xingjin / OEM


Model Number: QMP40/4.2, QMP70/4.2, QMP100/4.2, QMP120/4.2, QMP150/4.2, QMP180/4.2, QMP70/5.6, QMP90/5.6, QMP120/5.6

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 2 set system

Price: negotiation

Packaging Details: Plywood outer box with bubble bag or paper

Delivery Time: 15-20 working days after payment or receipt of L/C

Payment Terms: T/T, L/C

Supply Ability: 30000 set system

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Product Details
High Light:
Cylinder Volume:
40L, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 150L, 180L
Capacity Of Gas:
38kg, 66.5kg, 85.5kg, 95kg, 114kg, 142.5kg, 171kg
Pattern Of Extinguishing:
Enclosed Flooding
Hfc-227ea (FM200)
Working Pressure:
4.2MPa / 5.6MPa
Discharge Time:
Starting Mode:
Automatic, Electrical Manual, Mechanical Emergency Manual
Product Name:
Fm200 Fire Suppression System
Cylinder Volume:
40L, 70L, 90L, 100L, 120L, 150L, 180L
Capacity Of Gas:
38kg, 66.5kg, 85.5kg, 95kg, 114kg, 142.5kg, 171kg
Pattern Of Extinguishing:
Enclosed Flooding
Hfc-227ea (FM200)
Working Pressure:
4.2MPa / 5.6MPa
Discharge Time:
Starting Mode:
Automatic, Electrical Manual, Mechanical Emergency Manual
Product Name:
Fm200 Fire Suppression System
Product Description


Guangzhou Factory Price HFC 227EA Gas Automatic FM200 Fire Suppression System

The FM200 fire suppression system is a popular and effective fire suppression solution for fighting fires in enclosed areas. It makes use of FM200, a clean gaseous extinguishing agent noted for its quick fire suppression and little environmental impact. The FM200 fire suppression system is frequently utilized in data centers, server rooms, control rooms, museums, laboratories, and other sensitive buildings where water-based fire suppression methods could cause significant damage or disruption.

An FM200 fire suppression system has the following important features and components:

  • FM200 Extinguishing Agent: FM200 is a colorless, odorless, electrically inert gas that extinguishes fires by removing heat from the fire triangle. When activated, it is stored in high-pressure cylinders before being released as a gas into the safe area.
  • Detection and Control Panel: The system is linked to a detection and control panel, which examines the protected area for indicators of fire on a continual basis. It monitors signals from various fire detection devices, such as smoke detectors or heat detectors, and when they are detected, FM200 is released.
  • Distribution Network: A network of pipes and fittings is erected across the covered area to appropriately disperse the FM200 agent. These pipes are properly placed when activated to provide comprehensive coverage and efficient gas dispersal.
  • Discharge Nozzles:To properly spread the FM200 chemical, precision-engineered discharge nozzles are strategically placed along the pipe network. These nozzles provide consistent coverage and optimal dispersion, maximizing the extinguishing capabilities of the system.
  • Activation Mechanism: The FM200 system can be activated automatically via the detection and control panel or manually by authorized employees via a manual release station. This versatility allows for quick response and tailored fire suppression based on the specific situation.
  • Room Integrity:The success of the FM200 system is reliant on the integrity of the protected space. The room or enclosure should be properly sealed to maintain the FM200 agent concentration for an acceptable period of time, allowing for adequate fire suppression.
  • Safety Precautions:FM200 is a non-hazardous and environmentally friendly fire control chemical. It is non-toxic, does not leave a residue, does not harm sensitive equipment, and has a short atmospheric lifetime. However, precautions must be taken, and residents must evacuate the premises while the agent is being discharged.

The FM200 fire suppression system is known for its quick response time, effective fire suppression capabilities, and low impact on inhabited areas. Because it is non-corrosive and non-conductive, it is ideal for protecting precious assets, essential infrastructure, and sensitive equipment. To maintain the system's optimal operation and the protection of employees and property, professional installation, frequent maintenance, and compliance with local fire safety laws are required.


NO. Specifications 4.2Mpa system 5.6Mpa system
1 Capacity 40Ltr,70Ltr,100Ltr,120Ltr,150Ltr,180Ltr 70Ltr,90Ltr,120Ltr
2 Device model QMP40/4.2, QMP70/4.2, QMP100/4.2,QMP120/4.2, QMP150/4.2, QMP180/4.2 QMP70/5.6, QMP90/5.6, QMP120/5.6
3 Filling pressure 4.2Mpa 5.6Mpa
4 Max filling rate 0.95kg/L 1.08kg/L
5 Discharge time ≤10s
6 Power DC24V/1.6A
7 Nitrogen driving device 6.0±1.0Mpa
8 Storage surroundings Temperature:-10~50℃
Relative humidity:≤97%
9 Proportion ≤800m²
10 Volume ≤3600m³

FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 0


Let's expand on the last two components of the FM200 fire suppression system: the firefighting apparatus and the electrical components.

  1. Firefighting Apparatus:
    The firefighting apparatus is a crucial component of the FM200 fire suppression system, responsible for storing and distributing the FM200 agent. It consists of several interconnected parts that work together to ensure effective fire suppression:
  • FM200 Cylinders:These high-pressure cylinders store the FM200 agent under particular conditions. The number and size of the cylinders are decided by the size and dangers of the protected area.


  • Frames for Cylinders: The cylinders are securely fastened to frames, which provide stability and support while preventing movement or damage during operation.


  • Nitrogen-Pressure Driving Devices: To control the discharge of FM200 from the cylinders, these devices use nitrogen gas as a driving force. They keep the required pressure and make sure the agent is dispensed regularly.


  • Driving Device Frames: Driving device frames, like cylinder frames, securely hold the nitrogen-pressure driving devices, assuring their stability and safety.

  • Flexible Hoses: The hoses connect the cylinders to the distribution pipes, allowing the FM200 agent to flow from the cylinders to the safe area. They are designed to withstand high-pressure situations while still allowing for installation flexibility.


  • Container Valves: These valves restrict the flow of FM200 from the cylinders, providing for a more controlled discharge in the event of a fire. They are designed to be dependable and efficient.


  • Check Valves (for liquid and gas flow): The flow of FM200 through the pipe system is controlled by these valves. Backflow or leakage is prevented by liquid flow check valves, while unidirectional flow is ensured by gas flow check valves during system operation.


  • Manifolds: Manifolds are used to distribute the FM200 agent uniformly throughout the piping network. They serve as a hub for connecting numerous pipes and nozzles, ensuring that the agent is dispersed uniformly over the protected area.


  • Safety Valves: Safety valves are installed to relieve excess pressure within the system, preventing over-pressurization and ensuring the integrity of the equipment.


  • Selective Valves: These valves enable you to isolate specific sections of the piping network for maintenance or repairs without interfering with the general operation of the system.


  • Flanges and Elbows: Flanges and elbows are critical components that link and join different sections of the pipe network. They provide secure communication, flexibility, and ease of installation.

  • Nozzles: To properly disperse the FM200 agent, nozzles are strategically placed along the piping network. They are designed to provide optimal coverage and ensure that the agent arrives at the fire source as soon as feasible.



  1. Electrical Components:
    The FM200 fire suppression system incorporates various electrical components that play a vital role in its operation and monitoring. These components enhance the system's functionality and provide important feedback and control mechanisms. Some of the electrical components include:
  • Control Panels: Control panels act as the FM200 system's central command center. They receive detection device signals, engage the suppression system, and give visual and auditory alerts to inform residents and workers.


  • Discharge Indication Lights: When the FM200 system is triggered and the agent is discharged into the protected area, these lights illuminate. They are a clear visual indication that the suppression process is in progress.


  • Alarm Bells and Sounders with Lights: These audio and visual devices are used to warn occupants and emergency personnel of a fire. They produce loud sounds and flashing lights to alert people to the existence of a fire.


  • Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors: These detectors are critical for detecting the presence of smoke or excessive heat within the protected area. They deliver signals to the control panel, which activates the FM200 system.


  • Manual Buttons: As an extra means of triggering the FM200 system, manual buttons or switches are available. Authorized workers can use them to manually start the fire suppression operation.


The integration of these electrical components enhances system dependability, allows for early detection of fires, and ensures effective operation during a fire. They work together with the firefighting equipment and the pipe network to produce the FM200 fire suppression system, which is comprehensive and effective.

The FM200 fire suppression system, which combines firefighting apparatus, electrical components, and the previously mentioned pipe network, provides a trustworthy and effective solution for protecting critical areas and valuable assets from the disastrous effects of fire.


FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 1





































• Computer room, communication room, power distribution room, library, archives,
Museum, etc.
• Be used for electrical fire, liquid fire, solid fire, gas fire which can be cut off the gas
source before extinguishing occur, etc.




To ensure the utmost protection and secure transportation of the FM200 Fire Suppression System, we employ a meticulous packaging process. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and adherence to safety requirements is reflected in the following expanded packaging procedure:

  1. Polyfoam Encasement: Each individual component of the FM200 Fire Suppression System is carefully wrapped with a layer of polyfoam. This lightweight, durable material acts as a shock absorber and provides a cushioning effect, safeguarding the components against potential impacts and vibrations during handling and transit.

  2. Wooden Case Insertion: After thorough polyfoam encasement, we securely place the wrapped components into robust wooden cases. These cases are designed specifically to accommodate the dimensions and shapes of the FM200 Fire Suppression System components, ensuring a snug fit that minimizes any movement within the packaging. The sturdy wooden construction of the cases offers reliable protection against external forces and maintains the integrity of the packaged goods.

  3. Palletization for Enhanced Safety: In certain instances, such as meeting specific customer requirements or complying with safety regulations, we opt for palletization. This involves carefully arranging the wooden cases containing the FM200 Fire Suppression System components onto a pallet. Palletization facilitates convenient handling, loading, and unloading using forklifts or pallet jacks. It also streamlines logistical processes, particularly for larger orders or shipments, ensuring efficient organization and securing of multiple packages.

  4. Reinforcement and Strapping: Prioritizing the stability and security of the packaged goods, we reinforce the wooden cases or pallets with robust strapping materials. These sturdy straps are tightly fastened around the cases or pallets, effectively immobilizing and securing the contents. This prevents any potential shifting or movement during transportation, further minimizing the risk of damage.

  5. Clear Labeling and Comprehensive Documentation: Each package or pallet is meticulously labeled with prominent and informative markings. These labels contain crucial details, including the contents, weight, handling instructions, and any necessary hazardous material labels in strict compliance with relevant regulations. Additionally, we include comprehensive documentation, such as packing lists, installation manuals, and safety instructions, to ensure proper handling, installation, and usage of the FM200 Fire Suppression System.

We ensure that the FM200 Fire Suppression System components are adequately shielded and securely secured by adhering to certain packaging guidelines, hence mitigating any potential risks during shipment. Our persistent drive to delivering high-quality products in pristine shape demonstrates our commitment to client pleasure and safety.



FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 2FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 3FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 4


Company Introduction


Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. is strategically located in Guangzhou, a city known for its convenient transportation and picturesque surroundings. Situated at the intersection of China's domestic market and the global stage, Guangzhou plays a vital role in facilitating communication and trade. Our company takes full advantage of this advantageous location to serve as a leading manufacturer in the industry.


At Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., we are committed to the research and development of HFC-227ea (FM200) fire suppression systems. Our dedicated team of professionals includes experts in program design, skilled installation technicians, quality inspectors, and a responsive after-sales service team. Together, we strive to deliver top-notch products and solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Our range of FM200 products has gained widespread popularity and enjoys extensive usage across various sectors. These include:

  • Pipe Network FM200 Fire Suppression System: This system utilizes a network of pipes to distribute FM200 agent throughout the protected area, ensuring comprehensive fire suppression coverage.
  • Cabinet Type FM200 Fire Suppression System: Designed specifically for cabinet enclosures, this system provides targeted fire protection for valuable equipment and materials housed within cabinets.
  • Automatic FM200 Fire Extinguisher (Wall-mounted Style): This ceiling-mounted automatic extinguisher is an efficient and compact solution for fire suppression, particularly suitable for areas with limited space.
  • Fire Detecting Tube Suppression System: This innovative system employs fire detecting tubes that react to heat and automatically discharge the FM200 agent, swiftly suppressing fires.
  • Automatic Fire Suppression Tube: This tube-based system is designed to detect and suppress fires within confined spaces, making it ideal for use in small enclosures or equipment compartments.

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. has garnered a strong reputation in the Chinese market. We are proud to have earned the trust and satisfaction of our.


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FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 6FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 7

FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 8

FM200 Fire Suppression System with HFC 227EA 9

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A3: Our factory locates in Shilou, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

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