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Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Heptafluoropropane 16L Suspended Fire Suppression System for Electrical Control Rooms

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: xingjin
Model Number: 16L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set system
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood case, Paper carton
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days after payment or receipt of L/C
Payment Terms: L/C, , D/P, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card
Supply Ability: 1000 sets per month
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Detail Information

Dimension(mm): 670*341*410 Capacity Of Cylinder: 16L
Standard Of Examination: GB25972-2010 Working Temperature: 0~50℃
Agent: Heptafluoropropane Pattern Of Extinguishing: Enclosed Flooding

Product Description

16L Hanging Fm200 Automatic Suppression System Heptafluoropropane



No. Specification Technical Parameter
1 Filling pressure 1.6Mpa
2 Spraying time ≤8s
3 Working temperature 0~50℃
4 Starting mode Electrical start or manual start


    The 16L Hanging FM200 Automatic Suppression System Heptafluoropropane is a revolutionary fire suppression system that offers numerous advantages for ensuring the safety and protection of valuable assets. With its exceptional features and capabilities, this advanced system has become one of the most sought-after solutions in the fire protection industry.

    1. Enhanced Suppression Efficiency:
By utilizing heptafluoropropane gas as the suppression agent, the 16L Hanging FM200 system excels in rapidly extinguishing fires within enclosed spaces. Its high heat absorption capacity and ability to suppress oxygen effectively prevent the reignition of flames, reducing potential damage caused by secondary fires.

    2. Quick Response and Activation:
The system's automatic detection and activation mechanism enable it to swiftly respond to fire emergencies. Equipped with advanced sensors and cutting-edge technology, it can detect smoke, heat, or flames in real-time, allowing for immediate discharge of the suppressant gas, thus minimizing the potential risks.

   3. Environmentally Friendly:
Unlike traditional fire suppression agents that contain harmful chemicals, heptafluoropropane gas is exceptionally eco-friendly. It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and leaves no residue, making it a safe choice for both human health and the environment. Additionally, it has zero ozone depletion potential, contributing to the preservation of the Earth's ozone layer.

   4. Cost-Effective Solution:
The efficiency of the 16L Hanging FM200 system reduces the overall damage caused by fires, leading to substantial cost savings for businesses. It minimizes downtime and allows for swifter recovery due to its fast-acting suppression capabilities. Furthermore, its low maintenance requirements and extended service life ensure long-term cost-effectiveness.

   5. Versatile Application:
The hanging design of the 16L FM200 system makes it suitable for various environments that require fire protection. Whether it's data centers, control rooms, museums, or server rooms, this versatile system can be seamlessly integrated without impacting the aesthetics of the space. Its compact size allows for easy installation and maintenance, ensuring hassle-free operation.

   6. Compliance with Safety Standards:
The 16L Hanging FM200 system complies with international safety standards and regulations, guaranteeing its reliability and effectiveness. With extensive testing and certification, it meets the stringent requirements of NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520, providing peace of mind and ensuring utmost safety.

     The 16L Hanging FM200 Automatic Suppression System Heptafluoropropane is a cutting-edge solution that effectively and rapidly suppresses fires, safeguarding valuable assets and human lives. Through its enhanced suppression efficiency, quick response, eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, versatility, and compliance with safety standards, this advanced system surpasses traditional fire suppression methods. Embracing the 16L Hanging FM200 system is a proactive approach towards fire safety, ensuring optimal protection in various environments.

    Electronic computer room, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, expensive medical equipment, industrial equipment, library, museum and art gallery, clean room, anechoic chamber, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, etc.
    The place where the fire is easy to happen, like paint-spraying production line, aging-electrical equipment, rolling machine, printing machine, oil switch, oil immersed transformer, melt impregnating tank, tank, large generators, drying equipment, cement production process of pulverized coal, and the ship's engine room, cargo hold, etc.
Competitive Advantage:
    1. Small but effective
    2. Extremely simple installation
    3. Little space for placement of it
    4. Hanging on the ceiling or wall
    5. Low cost for little protective zone

The electromagnetic hanging type fm200 fire extinguishing systems and the temperature-based hanging type fm200 fire extinguishers are the two different types of hanging type fm200 fire suppression systems. They have slightly different compositions.

The fm200 cylinder, fm200 fire agent, pressure switch, solenoid actuator, container valve, and nozzle are all parts of the electromagnetic hanging type fm200 fire extinguisher system.

A temperature sensor, a fm200 cylinder, a fm200 fire agent, a nozzle, and a temperature sensor make up the temperature-based hanging type fm200 fire extinguisher.
Working principle:
The electromagnetic type:
A fire happens → smoke / heat detector catches the differences and send signal to the control panel → control panel receives the signal and activates the alarm bell to tell people quickly escape from the building → after receiving both signal from smoke and heat detector and a few seconds delay, the control panel activates the fire extinguishing system.
The temperature-based type:
A fire happens → the inside temperature is high enough to break the temperature sensor → the fire agent comes out and sprays from the nozzle.Heptafluoropropane 16L Suspended Fire Suppression System for Electrical Control Rooms 0
Company Introduction
Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., surrounded by convenient transportation and beautiful environment, is located in Guangzhou, which plays an important role in communication between China and the world. We are a manufacturer, and we devote ourselves to the study and development of HFC-227ea (FM200) productions with our professional and mature team including the program design team, the skillful installation team, the quality detecting team and the after-sell service team. Nowadays, our popular fm200 products are widely used, such as the pipe network FM200 fire suppression system, the cabinet type FM200 fire suppression system, the automatic FM200 fire extinguisher
(ceiling mounted style), the fire detecting tube suppression system and automatic fire suppression tube. As a result of high-quality products and services as well as the good reputation, our company is well-received by the customers in China.
Heptafluoropropane 16L Suspended Fire Suppression System for Electrical Control Rooms 1
Why Choose Us
• 5 years quality guarantee
• Xingjin is running in a high efficiency management system
• Advanced equipments & professional engineers to promise all products are quite satisfactory.
• We provide 8×6 hrs technical support and service.
After-Sale Service
• We have an efficient sales and after sales team to promise slove all client's question in time.
• We provide 8×6 hrs technical support and service.
Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a manufacturer.
Q2: Is OEM products available?
A2: Yes, we welcome your own design and drawing.
Q3: Where is your factory? Can I visit it?
A3: Our factory locates in Shilou, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
Of course yes. We always welcome and wait for your visit.
Q4: How can I get to your factory?
A4: Because of the convenient transportation here, you can take a taxi or come here by subway. If you come here by subway, you need to take the line four and get off at Shiqi station. Then walk out the station for taking No. 126 bus and get off at Yuexi station.

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