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Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System Pipeline Type

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: xingjin
Model Number: 70L/90L/100L/120L/150L
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 2set system
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: Plywood case or box case
Delivery Time: 10-15 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, Paypal, Credit card
Supply Ability: 300 sets per month
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Detail Information

Power: DC24V/1.6A Capacity Of Cylinder: 90L
Relative Humidity: ≤97% Type: Pipeline
Agent: Fm200(htc-227ea Or Heptafluoropropane) Actuation: Automatic Or Manual
High Light:

Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System


120L Fm200 Fire Suppression System


Pipeline Type Fm200 Fire Suppression System

Product Description

Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System with Pipeline

Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System Professional Manufacturers Direct Sales Quality Assurance




FM200 Fire Suppression System is a type of clean agent fire suppression system that uses FM200 (Heptafluoropropane) as the fire suppression agent. The FM200 gas extinguishes fire by absorbing heat from the fire and removing oxygen content from the fire, thereby interrupting the combustion process and preventing re-ignition.

The FM200 Fire Suppression System is generally used in areas where traditional fire suppression methods such as water sprinklers or chemical extinguishers may cause more damage than the fire itself. It is commonly used in data centers, telecommunications rooms, medical facilities, museums, and other environments where water or conventional firefighting agents can cause equipment damage or other serious effects.

FM200 is a safe and effective fire suppression agent that does not leave any residue or cause any damage to the environment. When activated, the FM200 gas is released from the storage cylinder through a network of pipes and nozzles, flooding the protected area with the agent and quickly extinguishing the fire.

FM200 Fire Suppression Systems require a minimum amount of space for installation and maintenance and have little impact on the environment or the people in the area. They are considered ideal for protecting critical assets and providing quick, effective fire suppression in environments where traditional firefighting equipment cannot be used.

Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System  Pipeline Type 0

FM200 fire suppression system is a type of gaseous fire suppression system that uses HFC-227ea as an extinguishing agent to suppress fires. It is designed to protect sensitive and critical equipment and facilities that cannot risk water damage, such as data centers, telecommunication rooms, museums, and medical facilities.

FM200 is a clean agent that does not leave any residue or damage to electronic equipment, documents, or artifacts. It can quickly extinguish fires by reducing the oxygen concentration in the protected area to a level where combustion cannot occur. It works by absorbing heat and disrupting the chemical chain reaction that sustains the fire.

FM200 fire suppression systems are highly efficient and effective against Class A, B, and C fires. They are controlled by a detection and control panel that operates automatically or manually. The system releases the gas through a network of pipes and nozzles to flood the protected area for controlled and confined release.

FM200 is a safe and environmentally friendly gas that does not deplete the ozone layer or contribute to global warming. It has been approved and listed by international standards such as NFPA, ISO, and UL.

Overall, FM200 fire suppression system is a reliable and advanced solution for fire protection in critical applications. Its fast action, clean agent, and environmental safety make it a preferred choice for modern fire suppression systems.



    Electronic computer room, a data processing center, telecommunications facilities, process control, expensive medical equipment, industrial equipment, library, museum and art gallery, clean room, anechoic chamber, emergency power facilities, flammable liquid storage area, etc.




    120L network Fm200 Suppression with pipeline is mainly composed by three parts. Extinguishing devices and pipe fittings and electrical accessories.


    Extinguishing devices are such things, like cylinder to fill and store fm200, frame and driving device(nitrogen cylinder) to trigger the storage cylinder to discharge agent and so on.


    Pipe fittings are those conduits to connect extinguishing device and guide agent into protective zone, like high pressure galvanized steel pipe and flange and elbow and so on.


    Electrical accessories are those things which are used to detect and monitor whole protective area and control whole system, also warn people to evacuate and prevent from fire expansion.


    These integrated three parts will be efficient to detect and supervise and alarm and extinguish fire automatically.


    Here attached below is complete composition of whole system,


                Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System  Pipeline Type 1




No. specification Technical Parameter
1 Filling pressure 4.2Mpa 5.6Mpa
2 Scale of Protective region for one zone area:max single-zone is 800m2 volume:max single-zone is 3600m3
3 Spraying time ≤10s
4 Filling density ≤950kg/m3 ≤1080kg/m3
5 power DC24V/1.6A
6 Nitrogen Pressure of Driving Device 6.0±1.0Mpa(20℃)
7 Condition of reserving room for container temperature: -10~50℃, relative humidity: ≤97%
8 max working pressure 5.3Mpa 8.0Mpa
9 min working pressure 4.2Mpa 4.6Mpa





   A good system might have a lot of advantages, so here is going to show customers some strong points of this system.


   1/ Flexible application in protection zones. As its structure and assembly of other useful components, it can concentrate one very big protection zone with the combination of multiple storage cylinders. Its coverage can be also very small with the system of a single cylinder.


   2/ Efficient spraying of gas. One set of pipe network system can make the discharge on average for big zones in a short time with the help of the deployment of the pipeline.


   3/ Combined distribution system. The most distinctive and flexible advantage of this system is combined distribution system, which will combine multiple rooms in one district or building but with different dimensions or in different floor. Meanwhile, it can reduce the cost based on the original by the least and safe utilization of fire extinguishing gas. Because of the adoption of selective valves that can guide the fire extinguishing gas into the room on fire, so it would be relatively smarter to monitor each room to avoid an accident. It is worthy to mention that the combined rooms should be less than 8 including 8 in accordance with our standard.



Company Introduction


Guangzhou Xingjin Fire Equipment Co., Ltd., surrounded by convenient transportation and beautiful environment, is located in Guangzhou, which plays an important role in communication between China and the world. We are a manufacturer, and we devote ourselves to the study and development of HFC-227ea (FM200) productions with our professional and mature team including the program design team, the skillful installation team, the quality detecting team and the after-sell service team. Nowadays, our popular fm200 products are widely used, such as the pipe network FM200 fire suppression system, the cabinet type FM200 fire suppression system, the automatic FM200 fire extinguisher
(ceiling mounted style), the fire detecting tube suppression system and automatic fire suppression tube. As a result of high-quality products and services as well as the good reputation, our company is well-received by the customers in China.



Data Center 120L Network Fm200 Fire Suppression System  Pipeline Type 2


Why Choose Us
• 5 years quality guarantee
• Xingjin is running in a high efficiency management system
• Advanced equipments & professional engineers to promise all products are quite satisfactory.
• We provide 8×6 hrs technical support and service.
After-Sale Service
• We have an efficient sales and after sales team to promise slove all client's question in time.
• We provide 8×6 hrs technical support and service.
Q1: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A1: We are a manufacturer.
Q2: Is OEM products available?
A2: Yes, we welcome your own design and drawing.
Q3: Where is your factory? Can I visit it?
A3: Our factory locates in Shilou, Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.
Of course yes. We always welcome and wait for your visit.
Q4: How can I get to your factory?
A4: Because of the convenient transportation here, you can take a taxi or come here by subway. If you come here by subway, you need to take the line four and get off at Shiqi station. Then walk out the station for taking No. 126 bus and get off at Yuexi station.

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